We’ve been very grateful to have some very talented and knowledgable athletes sample our 100% natural gels. Don't just take our word for it - keep reading to see why VALA has been given the thumbs up by GB athletes, sports journalists and coaches. 


"I'm a big believer in finding natural ways to fuel my training and my racing. Good nutrition shouldn't stop when you hit the start line. As part of my job as a running journalist, I've also tested a huge range of gels and VALA stands out as something different. The great balance of natural flavours and a real-food texture creates a source of fuel that you actually want to eat, rather than something you just put up with as a means to and end. On ultra runs I've often carried dates as a natural fuel source and these take that but put into an easier-to-carry format."

Kieran is a marathon runner and freelance journalist (Runner's World, Men's Fitness, The Guardian) - @manvmiles



"As a mountain biker, I need to keep my energy up on the trails. I use VALA gels because they're healthy, vegan-friendly and not only do they taste amazing, but they really help to give me a boost when I need it most."

Jess is mountain biker, coach and freelance journalist - @velomejess



"As a triathlon coach, I get asked a lot about training and race nutrition. It’s not easy to answer due to the various ingredients in gels and how an athlete will respond to them. How you react to a gel can make or break your day. VALA is 100% natural, tastes delicious and has the energy boost that athletes need."

Rich Emmett, Team GB Triathlete and award-winning coach at Emmporia Triathlon Coaching - @emmporiatriathlon