Our Ethos

VALA’s Four Pillars of Wellbeing

VALA is so much more than a sports nutrition brand, as we believe that wellbeing is not a one-step approach. The British government defines wellbeing as ‘A positive physical, social and mental state’. A combination of these things - which includes eating a nutritious diet, being physically activity, talking about our feelings and spirituality - all work together to help us maintain a happy and healthy sense of wellbeing. We've broken these down into our four brand pillars below...

Physical Health

Exercise is said to help improve our mood, our sleep and help to manage anxiety and stress. It’s recommended that the average adult should do between 75 and 150 minutes of exercise a week, which can range from moderate exercise like walking to more vigorous exercise like running. Even a short burst of 10 minute exercise can help to boost energy and create a positive mood.

Mental Health

Our mental health doesn’t always stay the same and it can change as circumstances change throughout our lives. Being in good mental health can help us to make the most of our potential, cope with life and play a full part in our family, workplace and community. A few ways that we can look after our mental health include talking about our feelings, staying active, asking for help, eating well and taking a break when needed.

Gut Health

About 95% of our serotonin (which is known as the “happy hormone”) is produced in our gastrointestinal tract, which is lined with a hundred million nerve cells, or neurons. Therefore, our digestive system doesn’t just help to digest food but it also guides our emotions. Studies have shown that people who eat Mediterranean or traditional Japanese diets high in fresh fruit and vegetables and low in refined grains and sugar are at 25% to 35% less at risk of developing depression that those who eat a traditional “Western” diet.

Spiritual Health

It’s said that spiritual practices including meditation and mindfulness have the potential to trigger the body’s healing ability, as they encourage balance between our body and mind. Spirituality helps us to encourage an exploration of our inner world, connecting us on a deeper and more meaningful level with ourselves and those around us. Spiritual practices like walking, meditation and yoga can help to manage stress and encourage more positivity.






Please note: This information is intended for educational use only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.