VALA energy gel 35g - single



Blended from maple syrup, date paste, lemon juice (5%), lime juice (5%), powdered chia seeds, matcha tea powder and Halen Môn Welsh sea salt, VALA energy gel is made from entirely natural ingredients. VALA is free from preservatives and additives, as the high natural sugar content and citric acid from our lemon and lime juices do a great job of naturally preserving our gels.



VALA has a base of 100% pure Canadian maple syrup and date paste, which are the dominant flavours. Rather than including an overwhelming and artificial citrus hit, we’ve added a squeeze of pure lemon and lime juice to give a subtle citrus aftertaste, which is why we've described our gels as 'citrus'. Powdered chia seeds add a mild neutral flavour and help to thicken our gels, whilst matcha tea powder and Halen Môn sea salt complement the sweetness of the base ingredients.



VALA has a thicker viscosity than most standard gels. We use minced date paste and powdered chia seeds to ensure that our gels are as smooth as possible, but as we use only natural ingredients in our gels, there will always be a slight granular texture to our formula. 



Typical values per 100g:

Energy 1231kJ/290kcal

Fat 0.7g (of which saturates 0.6g)

Carbohydrate 68.1g (of which sugars 49.7g)

Fibre 3.0g

Protein 1.4g

Salt 0.36g

Suitable for vegans. Allergy advice: May also contain nuts, gluten.




Each sachet has an easy to tear off top and includes 35g of gel.

Please remember to stay hydrated when using energy gels and always dispose of gel sachets responsibly.

Best before end: April 2021. 

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